Computer Scam Log Entry #2

Scam #2: Email with title “Automated Intuit Invoice Message” from that payment is due for an invoice.  The message says:

‘Dear customer,

This invoice email message is being delivered to you by Intuit Inc. on behalf of Transamerican Credit Group Ltd. Please click the link above to view an invoice’

It also includes a trademark acknowledgement and a link to Intuit’s privacy policy.

Visiting Geeks: This is a scam or phishing expedition. There are obvious signs of malfeasance in the email, including the sender’s email address from a company you don’t know, the name of the company sending the invoice is different from the email sender. Furthermore, hovering the mouse over the links reveal long and gibberish web addresses.  Bad guys know it’s tax season and use Intuit as a trusted brand. Smell fishy. Delete email right away.

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