Computer Scam Log Entry #3

Fake Zeus Virus Warning

Scam #3: A message from “Windows Defender Alert” on your computer monitor proclaims a Zeus virus has been detected and your data has been compromised.  The message says your computer is infected due to downloading adult/porn videos. Do not shut down the computer and contact Microsoft at a toll free number on the screen.

Visiting Geeks: This is a very common scare tactic used by the scammers.  Do not call the toll free number. They want to sell you “services” to remove the virus for you and then up-sell you a multi-year maintenance contract. Just the opposite, your computer most likely is not infected by the Zeus virus. Instead, the message is caused by adware surreptitiously installed in your computer.  You need to uninstall suspicious program, remove dubious web browser extensions, add-ons  as well as doing a detailed scan using one of the reputable anti-virus program.  To learn more, click here to read an article with more detailed information.

Computer Scam Log Entry #2

Scam #2: Email with title “Automated Intuit Invoice Message” from that payment is due for an invoice.  The message says:

‘Dear customer,

This invoice email message is being delivered to you by Intuit Inc. on behalf of Transamerican Credit Group Ltd. Please click the link above to view an invoice’

It also includes a trademark acknowledgement and a link to Intuit’s privacy policy.

Visiting Geeks: This is a scam or phishing expedition. There are obvious signs of malfeasance in the email, including the sender’s email address from a company you don’t know, the name of the company sending the invoice is different from the email sender. Furthermore, hovering the mouse over the links reveal long and gibberish web addresses.  Bad guys know it’s tax season and use Intuit as a trusted brand. Smell fishy. Delete email right away.

Computer Scam Log Entry #1

We receive customer inquiries almost on a daily basis whether an encounter is a scam, virus or what not. I’m going to keep a simple log entry whenever our customers or friends call in.

Scam #1: A voice mail claiming that your Microsoft License expired. Call a toll free number right away to avoid loss of data.

Visiting Geeks: Microsoft does not call. Your computer’s Microsoft operating systems license has been activated by the computer manufacturer at the factory.  In theory, it should never ‘expired’.  However, license of a new Microsoft operating system improperly installed due to hardware/software error will expire after a period of time and the computer will display a warning message.  Still, not Microsoft calling you.